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Author: Syukri
18 Sept 2016

OK first of all let's set up the document we will be working on, don't get to crazy since we will be rendering 3D in high quality and that takes quite a bit out of your computer so a nice video size will be as shown here.

OK let's now find our bearings since we will do animation, I have been asked several times where is this animation thing. Well if you have Photoshop CS6 in its default installation you will find in the bottom left corner these two tabs, mini-bridge and time line.

Double click on time line and there you go there is the time line tab of Photoshop, of course there is nothing there because we have not animated anything yet. We will be adding stuff here later and you can think of it as video layers.

OK now let's make the star of the show, the text layer, so pick up the text tool.

Type out the word tuts.

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